The company has been producing ceramic parts by additive manufacturing since 2005 thanks to a 3D printer that it has developed for its own needs: the CERAMAKER printer. In 2015, 3DCERAM has decided to market 3D printing lines based on the CERAMAKER printer and associated services

Engineering consultancy in measurement systems, detection and image processing

Engineering consultancy in measurement and detection systems : laser sensors, vision, high speed imaging, Image and data processing, artificial intelligence. Solution proposals, proof of concept, industrial prototypes.

Carnot action FINDMED

FINDMED is a consortium of 13 Carnot Institutes, among academic Health leaders, covering the whole pharmaceutical R&D value chain. The aim of this project is to support the development of French SMEs by providing them access to scientific excellence to meet the demands of their innovation projects.

Action Carnot Filière EnergICs

Action Carnot Filières EnergICs is a consortium of five major French public research players : Carnot Énergies du futur, M.I.N.E.S, BRGM, ICÉEL and CSTB. This consortium aims to meet the companies (including SMEs) demand by offering innovative solutions in the field of energies.

Carnot chains - Extra&Co - Extractive Industries and First Transformation

Extra&Co is a public service supported by 4 Carnot institutes, which promotes public / private partnership research and is aimed at companies in the "Extractive Industries & First Transformation" sector with activities in the mineral and / or energy resources of the suboil.

Solutions de gestion de la sécurité des processus dans le contexte de l'industrie 4.0

ADEPP Academy provides the solutions for "Process Safety Management" of the hazardous process facilities. It provides consultancy and training services to achieve the Industry 4.0 objectives.

R&D industrielle dans les domaines de la chimie et des matériaux.

The ADINOV company, approved CIR, specializes in contract research in the fields of Chemistry. ADINOV has its own laboratory with a versatile technical tray to offer you customized or standardized analyses. We also offer technological watches.


Formulation of active ingredients to: - solubilize hydrophobic active ingredients, - protect drugs from degradations, - target organs/cells of therapeutic interest. Formulation in biodegradable synthetic polymeric particles "safe-by-design", fully metabolizable. Human & Animal Health


Agilent's best-in-class portfolio of molecular spectroscopy has grown - Our comprehensive and trusted portfolio offers the most powerful and reliable solutions for diverse application areas such as pharmaceutical, chemicals, materials testing, academic in UV Vis NIR, FTIR, Raman and fluorescence


Ultra-clean service provision (controls, audit and training). R & D and services for materials intended to be implemented in clean rooms (particles, microbiology ...) Research and development on indoor air quality improvement solutions


ALCIOM, created in 2003, is a consulting and R&D company specialised in electronics. Focusing on the early stages of product developments, we provide technological consulting, feasibility studies, as well as turn key R&D services. ALCIOM is specialised in mixed signal designs.


ALCYM is a Design Engineering company, capable of handling your future Product development in Mechatronics, including prototyping, validation and production.


ALPhANOV is the optical and laser technology center of the Bordeaux Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster. Through its capacity to mobilize competencies and expertise in the field of optics and lasers, it acts as a "technological amplifier" serving innovative projects.

Des maths pour vous : AMIES, FMJH et le réseau MSO vous facilitent l'accès aux outils mathématiques

The AMIES Agency is the link between companies and mathematicians. With a pool of more than 4000 mathematicians, French companies have a unique resource to boost their innovation. AMIES collaboration programs are flexible and fast. The MSO network make easier the geographical collaboration.

Amiral Technologies

Artificial Intelligence-base Predictive Maintenance Software


Etude des matériaux, Expertises des défaillances, Caractérisation des particules, Qualification des revêtements, Etude des poudres FA et pièces FA, Vieillissement et stockage (BS, Climatique, Vibratoire,...)


L’ANRT œuvre au rapprochement de la recherche publique et des entreprises pour ses 350 membres : relations partenariales, échange de bonnes pratiques, veille et expertise. La Cifre subventionne (42.000 € pour 3 ans) toute entreprise qui recrute un doctorant pour lui confier une mission de recherche


Antineo is a service company specializing in preclinical therapeutic research in oncology.

Aquitaine Science Transfert (SATT Aquitaine)

The TTO Aquitaine Science Transfert (AST) aims to accelerate the dissemination of innovations on the market. AST supports innovative concepts from the researcher's invention until proof-of-concept established. AST take on the risk of innovation and speed up acces to markets.


ARBEAUSOLutions is a company specialized in risks diagnosis and management advice for implanted vegetation on dikes, dams and banks.

The ASICA-SICAP Group offers you its support for all your electronics projects.

ASICA-SICAP it is more than 35 years of expertise in Electronics Manufacturing Services. We offer industrial design solutions, industrialisation, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic cards and embedded systems. Certification ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO9100, UL, Crédit Impôt Innovation.



Association des instituts Carnot

The Carnot Institutes Association (AiCarnot) founded Les Rendez-vous Carnot in 2008. AiCarnot is in charge of the Carnot network coordination and promotion towards companies and other innovation actors.

Atherm, study, design and manufacture of cooling solutions on specifications for electronics

Atherm is specialized in advanced thermal for 30 years. Expertise in the form of thermo-fluidic and mechanical studies Expertise in production of cooling solutions on specifications. Technology transfer to our Indian or Chinese subsidiaries if necessary.

Atlanpole Biotherapies

Atlanpole Biotherapies co-ordinates the work of laboratories, companies, and platforms for a public-private complete, relevant and competitive solution, on the bio-medicine value chain from target discovery to clinical evaluation.

AUVALIE Innovation

Operational advisory in strategy, marketing and financing of Innovation

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises


Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises / Europe

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises, member of Enterprise Europe Network, informs companies about European funding dedicated to R&D and innovation activities (Horizon 2020) and supports them in their project maturation, in their research of European partners and matchmaking events.

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises / Hub Recherche

HUB RECHERCHE is a collaborative portal funded by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the French State, which enables companies to find solutions faster to their research and innovation issues.

Axelys Santé

Provide high-level expertise to healthcare and biotech industries by providing relevant and innovative solutions to issues related to R&D, medical and pharmaceutical including economic and regulatory aspects.


Ayming Finance and Innovation is a consulting firm specialized in business performance. It helps you to improve : - your R&D performance, - your project fundings, - the valuation of your technological expertise, - your project portefolio management.

Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology BIST

BIST, a scientific foundation of seven of Catalonia’s research centres of excellence covers biomedicine, bioengineering, genomics, chemistry, photonics, nanoscience and physics: www.irbbarcelona.org; www.ibecbarcelona.eu; www.crg.eu; www.iciq.org; www.icfo.eu; www.icn2.cat; www.ifae.es.


Studies and technical services related to activities of technological services, development. Design and supply of high value-added equipment. For defence security, space big science, environment energy, life sciences, virtual desgin

BioValley France

BioValley France is a French competitiveness cluster which federates, develops and promotes health players through innovation. Its priorities are Medicine, Medical Technologies and e-Health. The cluster supports its members in their R&D innovation projects, partnering and visibility.


We equip production and assembly workshops with "ScreeN", our interactive visual management solution, in order to streamline and dynamize the access and exchange of information between the different actors of the company, according to the requirements of the concept of Industry 4.0.


Funding of the compagnies and their project of innovation

Business & Technology Intelligence for Innovation

BT2I, Business & Technology Intelligence for Innovation is an Innovation consultancy specialized Stategic and Technology Intelligence . Its major Practice deals with Advanced Materials and Processes, crossing different pratices as Eco-Innovation and Digital Transformation.


For more than 10 years, our firm offers its expertise for its clients. Specialized in the CIR, CII and JEI system, we propose a method that's makes us an essentiel market player.


CAD.42 offers an IoT ecosystem based on Geolocation and Communication solutions dedicated to heavy industries to proactively detect safety risks and alert staff on the field through connected PPE. Additionally, Lean Management is supported by the solution, through the use of KPI indicators.


Calnesis is a research laboratory specialized in study and measurement of physicochemical properties : measurements, design of experimental devices and software for data acquisition/instrument control.


Le programme CAP’TRONIC, financé par l’Etat, composé d’ingénieurs conseil présents dans toute la France, vous accompagne dans la réussite de votre projet d’intégration électronique, quel que soit votre secteur d’activité et le stade de votre projet, en toute neutralité et indépendance.


CAPACITÉS is a private subsidiary of the University of Nantes, dedicated to the development of research. It is the permanent interface between innovation needs of socioeconomic players and laboratory resources.


Service provider in the field of microencapsulation (R&D, pilot, support to industrialization) : food/feed, biotech, Pharma/Veto, cosmetics, detergence, agrochemistry, chemistry, building and construction materials, self-healing materials, phase-change materials...


CARFIT combines car vibration science with AI to anticipate wear and provide self-diagnostic and predictive maintenance for the auto care industry, car makers and new mobility services.


9 Carnot institut, majors players in public research, gather in the Carnauto action dedicated to companies in the automotive and mobility industry. Our objective: increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of companies by facilitating their access to innovation.

Carnot - Virtual and Collaborative Design

To address industrialists' innovation & productivity challenges, notably SMEs, and assist them towards the connected and digital factory of the future, Carnot institutes pool their expertise and equipment in virtual design as well as augmented, virtual and mixedd reality.

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